Rob is a very hard worker and passionate about real estate. He is very in tune with today’s real estate market, and how to remain successful in the industry, creating new trends for investing. 

Gabriel Solomon, Integrity Investment Strategies

For over two years we have been putting this off, but the problem never went away. Thank you for acting so quickly and saving our home from foreclosure. You helped us turn a bad situation into a better one and the moving incentive really helped us get back on our feet. Thank you!

Better, Walter, and Family

I’ve worked with Robert Sinofsky in the past and have known him for many years. He’s a good guy and knows his stuff when it comes to real estate. In a world of real estate people/investors that you can’t trust he is a great guy to know and work with. I have worked with him on several properties in the Ft Lauderdale area and I’m happy to leave this review on his behalf. Thanks Rob!

Dustin Miller

I have worked with Robert numerous times on real estate transactions, and he has been able to make them all easy, efficient, and pleasant. Robert is a true professional in the South Florida market with years of experience helping sellers resolve their real estate problems. I highly recommend Robert for anyone that needs to sell his or her home fast, as Robert pays top dollar and makes the process pain free.

Michael Bluem - 954-226-2825

I would like to Thank Rob for all his hard work on helping my family and me with our distressed property. We were upside down in equity fell behind in our mortgage payments because it wasn’t worth $2,300 a month. The bank played around with us for about 1year and a half promising a loan modification…but of course nothing never came out of that. We finally decided to short sale and Rob was able to close the deal and got us moving assistance from our Lender at closing within 6 months. It was a true blessing to meet Mr. Robert Sinofsky. I recommend him to all defaulted homeowners that need to just get rid of outrageous mortgages for properties that are not worth it.

Ysh Foster - 305-978-8202

I met Robert Sinofsky in one of the investor network meeting called BREIA and we have been working together for some projects. Rob Sinofsky is an excellent guy and very professional. Recommend working with him very good in finding amazing properties in South Florida.

Amir Seliger - 305-771-1557